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Multiturn encoders with "multi-bus" interfaces

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THE ATM 60 and ATM 90 multiturn encoders from SICK /STEGMANN, now also have communication protocols for CanOpen and DeviceNet in addition to SSI and RS422 programming interfaces and connection possibilities for Profibus.

Thus the positioning devices can transfer precisely determined absolute path and angular data in digital form within the bus systems most commonly used in industrial automation.

The ATM 60 and ATM90 are rotative measurement systems for paths, angles and positions. The functional principle with which the sensors scan permanent magnetic elements on a mounting body provides a high level of accuracy thanks to the large basis resolution of 8,192 increments per turn.

The encoder's multiturn property is achieved through several drive levels with attached magnets. This allows the absolute determination of several turning axes, e.g. for length measurement via spindle drives.

Unlike encoders with battery-buffered counters, both the ATM 60 and the ATM 90 are immune to interfering impulses, and are maintenance-free and long-lived.

Electronic adjustment and parameterisation via the RS422 interface allows individual adaptation, and simple and rapid commissioning.

The SSI interface, patented by STEGMANN, has become an industrial standard and transfers the absolute position signals of the ATM 60 or ATM 90 to the dynamic control system via just four wires.

The communication protocols for Profibus, CanOpen and DeviceNet allow the standardised transfer of digital data within the most important field bus systems in factory automation.

Both shaft encoders are suitable for particularly harsh operating conditions.

For tasks in which one can expect dampness and contamination with dirt, the ATM 60 is available with clamping or servo flange as well as in hollow shaft designs with protection ratings of IP67.

The ATM 90 is available as a through-shaft design. The magnetic functional principle not only gives both rotative sensors a high level of immunity to impacts and vibrations, but also ensures reliable operation of the encoder in the presence of condensation.

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