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article image Safety, comfort and selectable functional scope in a single system - the M 4000 Standard.
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SICK has introduced the M 4000 Standard multiple light-beam safety device - a successor to the proven technological trend-setter, the MSL.

The M 4000 Standard features a non-distorting profile with three mounting slots, configuration buttons on the device itself, LEDs on the receiver housing, an integrated laser alignment aid for each beam, bus connection via the integrated AS-Interface Safety at Work interface and Category 4 safety in compliance with IEC 61496.

Comfort and flexibility are hallmarks of the M 4000. Configuration buttons on the device, the optional integrated laser alignment aid for every single beam of the M 4000 Standard, optical synchronisation between the transmitter and the receiver, and the 7-segment indicator rapidly provide access protection ready for operation.

Those who want to know the current device status in detail at a glance and from a distance can, if desired, obtain the required information from the LEDs available on the receiver housing.

Parallel to this, the configurable status output offers the opportunity to transfer M 4000 Standard operating information directly to the machine's control system for diagnostic purposes.

The separate connection for the reset button on the M 4000 Standard is a further user highlight. As signal evaluation takes place in the device itself there is no longer any need to trace back the signals from the control cabinet to the hazardous area, as required by other systems - considerably reducing cable complexity.

The new M 4000 Standard is suitable for all control environments from relays and the safe PLC, right up to the safe fieldbus.

Combination with SICK UE 10 and UE 100 series interface modules is possible, as is connection to safe fieldbuses via the safety bus nodes of the UE 1000 series and networking with AS-Interface Safety at Work.

The new multiple light-beam safety device has a wide variety of areas of use. Ranges of 0.5m - 20m or 15m - 70m can be configured.

There are differing beam numbers, available with separations of 300mm, 400mm, 450mm, 500mm and 600mm in accordance with the latest international standards. The M 4000 Standard thus covers numerous practical access protection requirements on machines and plant. Moreover, further device versions with additional functionalities, for example, integrated muting, are in development.

The M 4000 Standard recently received an industry accolade - it was the winner of the IF Design Award 2005.

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