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More bits for the absolute encoder portfolio

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With 30-bit resolution and greater ruggedness, the new AFM60 absolute multiturn encoder from Sick Stegmann sets a new standard. Its smaller brother, the AFS60 absolute single-turn encoder, impresses through its high resolution of 18 bits. Thus the two new product families are particularly suitable for harsh operating conditions in which both maximum accuracy and availability are important.  

With its maximum single-turn resolution of 18 bits, the AFS60 is one of the best in its market segment. Supplemented with 12-bit multiturn resolution, the single-turn becomes the AFM60 multiturn encoder with an “absolute” top value of 30 bits.  

Rugged optical system  

The AFM/AFS60 series are characterised by extreme sturdiness for optical systems. Firstly, this is due to the nickel code disk. Given the same resolution, it is much more robust than code disks made of glass. Compared to plastic code disks it offers better resolution and is so temperature-resistant that the AFM/AFS60 can be used at ambient temperatures of from -20°C to +100°C. In addition, the expanded 30 mm shaft bearing of the AFM/AFS60 ensures considerably greater ruggedness than encoders with blocked ball bearings. Even at maximum operating speeds, the enlarged bearing distance leads to an optimum true running and lack of vibrations that was hitherto impossible.  

Many variants available  

Each device in the AFM/AFS60 series, with industrially proven 60 mm housings, is available as a clamping or a servo-flange version for solid round shafts. Moreover, users can choose between M12 or M23 plug connections, or opt for cable exits that can be used radially or axially – with various connector lengths. This reduces the number of different variants and simplifies installation when space is limited.  

Uniform programming throughout the portfolio  

Both the AFM60 and the AFS60 have an SSI interface. In addition, they can be programmed using the same programming tool, which has already proved itself in use with the DFS60 series from SICK STEGMANN. So that now, for the first time, incremental, absolute single-turn, and absolute multiturn encoders can be parameterised with a single programming tool.

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