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Module allows barcode scanner cloning

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ALL stationary barcode scanners from SICK can be connected to SICK's CAN-Scanner network, to a host computer, or PLC unit via the new compact and uniform CDB 400 connection box module.

Furthermore, an optional CMC 400 memory module, that saves all device parameters externally, can be inserted into the CDB 400 module.

As a result, as many new scanners as necessary can be "cloned" by transferring parameters to them.

The write-protect switch prevents unintentional overwriting of the bar-code scanner parameterisation for the specific reading point. Thus, in the case of a fault, individual scanners can be replaced very quickly and without the bother of additional parameterisation.

Customers can easily upgrade existing reading points with the connection and, if necessary, the cloning module.

The CDB 400 is only half the size of its predecessor.

Moreover, it offers more advantages regarding mounting and operation: with features such as strain-relieved PG threaded connections, IP65 with standard scanner cable, transparent lid allowing a view of the LED indicators and switch settings behind it, mountability in a closed state, and plug-in connection to the scanner's Service interface.

The optional plug-in CMC 400 cloning module supports all SICK scanners (with the exception of the CLV 410).

The mean time to repair (MTTR) is gaining in significance in modern production technology. Components should be replaceable as quickly and easily as possible if there is a fault and, if possible, by untrained personnel.

These requirements can be fulfilled entirely in identification systems involving SICK barcode scanners - by using the new CDB 400 connection module and the optional CMC 400 cloning module.

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