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WITH the combination of bar code or 2-D code reading and Bluetooth data transmission, Sick’s new IT 5620 and IT 4620 hand-held scanners bring ‘movement’ to data detection in commissioning and production processes.

High levels of user-comfort, robustness and reading power allow a wide range of uses in industrial, logistical and office settings.

The new Bluetooth hand-held scanners automatically switch to Presentation Mode when they detect a bar code or 2-D code in the read window. The contacts of the integrated lithium ion rechargeable batteries point upwards to protect them from damage. LEDs show their level of charge and read results.

Both devices survive being dropped 50 times from about 2m onto a concrete floor and vibrations of 5G at varying frequencies.

The basis station is a radio and charging unit in one. It can also act as a stand for temporary stationary use.

Externally almost identical, the two scanners differ in their reading module and thus in their target applications.

The IT 5620 operates with linear imaging technology and achieves reading distances of up to 1. m. Its intelligent algorithms also provide good read results even with poor-quality bar codes.

The IT 4620 has a 2-D image acquisition module and can detect both bar codes and 2-D codes omnidirectionally. The reading distance is between 3.6cm and 31.5cm depending on the code, its size and module width.

Both devices offer high scanning speeds and are therefore superior to conventional laser scanners.

Both hand-held scanners are equipped with the latest Version 1.2 Bluetooth data radio modules for transmitting identified code data. Its integrated adaptive frequency-hopping process ensures maximum data transmission security without interfering with neighbouring radio networks such as WLAN.

The IT 2020 basis station can simultaneously communicate with up to seven hand-held scanners. If the IT 5620 or IT 4620 is in a silent zone, or outside the basis station radio range of about 10m, the devices automatically switch to so-called batch function. In this mode a scanner can temporarily store up to 500 data sets (for example, commissioning steps), users can therefore also continue to work during temporarily lost radio contact without interruption or lost time. The collected data sets are automatically transmitted to the basis station according to the first in/first out principle when the scanner is again detected by the Bluetooth radio field.

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