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WITH the ICR 852 and ICR 855 2D code readers SICK has developed two new devices for special tasks.

The ICR 852 allows the identification of miniaturised or directly attached 2D codes; the ICR 855 opens up new dimensions with its speed of 45,000 scans per second.

High reading frequencies, CCD line arrays with up to 2000 pixels, 8 megapixel image memories, integrated laser illumination and SMART decoding are the highlights of the ICR series.

The 2D code data matrix ECC200 (widespread, for example, in the electronics industry) can be identified, in addition to all common 1D codes.

Alongside the ‘general list’ ICR 850, the two new ICR readers are designed for special tasks.

Miniaturisation of components means miniaturisation of their labelling.

Ink-jet codes on circuit boards and laser-etched 2D codes on housing parts or vehicle components can be detected with the new ICR 852, even with cell sizes of just 0.1mm.

When compared to matrix readers, the ICR 852 has a further major advantage: its 40mm wide scanning line.

It is not necessary to accurately position the code in the reading window - every code that passes the scanning line is detected regardless of the position of the object.

The ICR 855 has been specially designed for automated document handling.

Whether a bank statement, mobile telephone bill, or insurance letter - it is the printed data matrix codes that make these high-volume mailings economical to mass produce, insert into envelopes and send.

High-performance plants for processing post, that can rapidly process several million letters, require reading systems that are as quick as possible.

Thanks to its scanning frequency of 45,000Hz, the ICR 855 is in a position to reliably detect data matrix codes even at feed speeds of up to 4m/s and a cell size of just 0.35mm.

With a width of 80mm, a depth of 115mm and a height of 40mm, all ICR reading devices are so compact that they can also be installed where mounting space is limited.

The selectable optics that can be positioned from the front or from the side offer further alternatives when aligning the 2D reader.

In data terms there are also a wide range of options available, including RS232, RS422/485, CAN-scanner network, CANopen and Ethernet interfaces.

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