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Mini Line Scanners - code reading solutions, the size of a USB plug

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For those who have high demands on code reading but are able to supply only limited space for installation, Sick offers the new Mini Line Scanners. These devices are barely bigger than a USB plug and are perfect in many industrial and everyday settings.

The Mini Line Scanners from Sick depend on 2 technologies: The CLV503 and CLV505 readers are laser scanners, while the ICR803 processes images. So it can identify barcodes and 2D codes in any orientation.

What all of the devices in the Mini Line series share is that they are not only about as small as a USB plug but also offer genuine plug & play commissioning due to their standard USB interface. For fans of RS-232, device variants with plug or open wire ends are available.

Which Mini Liner scanner is the best solution for each instance?

The Mini Line series scanners offer solutions for any secondary conditions. The CLV503 is just 18.5g and is suited for reading barcodes with defined alignment that are stationary or moving at low speeds. The tenfold scanning frequency of 1 kHz enables the CLV505 to identify barcodes at object speeds of up to 5m per second.

On the other hand, the ICR803 scanner is suitable for detecting 2D codes. And its camera technology provides a second important advantage: code can be read omnidirectionally (from any direction).

Which applications benefit from the Mini Line concept?

One can hardly find any code reader series that opens up such versatile possibilities of application as Mini Line scanners. In an industrial setting, for example, robotics applications benefit from the compact size and the minimal movable mass of the code readers.

In the automatic testers for automotive components that are often very compact, in circuit cards or electronics components, but also in clinical automated analysers, the Mini Line devices – merely the size of a USB plug – still find a place for installation.

In addition, access control terminals at indoor parking lots, airports, public facilities, or at big events are just as typical as possible uses as information terminals, reverse vending machines for empty beverage containers, or automated lottery vending machines.

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