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Manually operated materials handling vehicle

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THE ECO vehicle from SICK Australia is designed as a low-lift fork truck or elevating platform truck, platform outrigger or tractor.

The integrated CAN bus and its new three-phase drive are fundamental features of the new series.

A high turning moment at low rpm, precise positioning, highly dynamic control, and defined acceleration and braking velocity heads, make the ECO an extremely economical, highly reliable, and comfortable vehicle.

The PLS safety laser scanner provides a ‘safe’ feeling. During automatic operation it monitors the area in the direction of motion of the ECO vehicle.

As a result of its long range, high resolution, and rapidity of evaluation, the protective and warning fields can be appropriately adapted to the new dynamic drive by software.

In contrast, mechanical systems, e.g. bumpers, must be correspondingly larger in size and would be a hindrance during manual operation.

Present when necessary, unobtrusive when switched off - in this way the PLS ensures ECOnomic operation.

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