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THE new MZT6 magnetic cylinder sensors from SICK offer maximum user-friendliness, switching accuracy, and immunity to vibration.

This has been made possible by newly developed mounting technology whereby the sensor is first inserted from above, saving time during mounting.

Then the MZT6 is fixed and pressed onto the floor of the pneumatic cylinder groove along its entire length. This leads to the sensor permanently maintaining a defined distance to the magnets and thus generating a reliable switching signal.

A standard tool is all that is required to screw the slit/Allen screw head rapidly and firmly in the thread of the metal casing, ensuring that it cannot be ripped out.

The MZT6 is suitable for all common T-grooves and thus optimises stock-keeping for users. As the RZT6, the cylinder sensor is available as an ac/dc 3-wire version with reed output contact.

Sunken mounting in the groove, and immunity to impacts and vibrations, prevent any change in position and thus any alteration of the switching point during operation. This ensures reliable switching characteristics and a high level of machine availability.

Levering out of the sensor (that can be inserted into the cylinder groove from above) by its cable is thus reliably prevented.

As a result of these properties the MZT6 is suitable for use on machines and plant in the pneumatics industry, for material handling, in electronics, in the packaging industry, in storage and conveyor technology, and in special machine construction - in other words wherever pneumatic cylinders are employed.

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