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MZ T6 magnetic cylinder sensors from SICK , to be introduced at the SPS/IPC/DRIVES trade fair in Nuremberg, offer maximum user-friendliness, vibration resistance and switching accuracy.

During mounting on a pneumatic cylinder, the newly developed attachment element allows the sensor to be pressed against the cylinder's entire length along the floor of its slot.

This results in a firm, stationary sit at an optimum distance to the piston to be detected, and also reliably prevents the sensor, that can be inserted into the cylinder slot from above, being pulled out by its cable.

The MZ T6 detects through its housing wall of aluminium, brass or stainless steel and is suitable for all common T-slots. As the RZ T6, the cylinder sensor is available with a reed output contact instead of the electronic switching output.

The new MZ T6 or RZ T6 has been consistently designed to provide user-friendliness and reliable switching behaviour. The sensors are inserted into the T-slot from above and thus cut the costs of mounting.

An advantage that is also provided by the single screw, with its left-handed thread and combined slit/Allen screw head that can be tightened using a standard screwdriver, allowing rapid and secure fixing of the sensor in the slot.

In the process, the sensor is pressed onto the floor of the T-slot along the entire housing length.

The MZ T6 is a magnetic cylinder sensor for all common T-slot cylinders and thus optimises store administration.

Further features include the dc 3-wire version, the variety of connections available, an LED functional indicator on the sensor itself, a PNP NO contact output function, and an enclosure rating of IP67.

As the RZ T6, it is available as an ac/dc 3-wire version with a closing reed output contact.

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