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Light curtains offer maximum safety

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THE C 4000 Micro safety light curtain from SICK is recommended wherever maximum safety is needed at hazardous points-of-operation and space is very tight.

The device offers resolutions of 14mm or 30mm with ranges of 5m or 6m and protective field heights of between 300mm and 1,200mm.

An integrated electronic alignment aid with a 7-segment indicator simplifies installation.

Restart interlock and external relay monitoring functions are integrated, while the 7-segment indicator provides user-friendly commissioning and status diagnosis during operation.

The C 4000 Standard design has ranges of up to 19m and resolutions of 20mm, 30mm or 40mm. The protective field height can be up to 1,800mm. Up to three systems can be cascaded (i.e. connected in series) allowing protective fields to be combined.

Beam coding prevents mutual interference between C 4000 units installed near one another. The status message output and an RS232 interface are integrated for configuration and diagnosis.

There are (further) inputs and outputs on the sensor for Emergency Stop or safety interlocks.

The C 4000 Advanced fulfils greater demands. In addition to the features of the Standard series it offers the possibility of variable blanking (suppression) ranges - fixed blanking, flexible blanking, and reduced resolution.

These various types of blanking can also be combined, and allow material to be passed through the protective field to the machine, and the blanking out of tool parts or travelling cables within the protective field.

The C 4000 Micro light curtain conforms to EN 61496, Type 4 and IEC 61508 SIL 3.

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