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article image The C4000 Micro curtain -- response time as low as 9ms.
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REDUCED space requirement and the maximum possible (Category 4) safety are the strengths of the new C4000 Micro light curtain from SICK . The device is used to provide hand or finger protection on hazardous machines.

With two different resolutions and ranges, and integrated functions such as restart interlock and external relay monitoring, it meets all basic requirements involved in the safeguarding of hazardous points-of-operation.

An enclosure rating of IP65 allows use of the C4000 Micro even under demanding operational conditions. Direct relay switching is possible when connected to a safety relay of the Intelliface UE 10 series.

The C4000 Micro corresponds to safety category Type 4 according to IEC 61496. It is employed as a more user-friendly alternative to the hoods that often interfere with work processes on, among others, packaging machines, automatic handling machines or circuit board testers.

The end-user can select protective field heights of between 300mm and 1200mm. The device can be used as finger protection with 14mm resolution, and as hand protection with 30mm resolution. The ranges lie between 0-5m or 0-6m respectively.

Response times can be as low as 9ms, depending on the number of beams. Advantage: rapid response time and high resolution (14mm) reduce the safety clearance, ideal for replacing Plexiglas doors. The alignment aid and the 7-segment display simplify commissioning and allow rapid diagnosis.

The 7-segment indicator serves as an alignment aid and provides a rapid, unambiguous diagnosis. Advantage: comfortable installation and short machine downtimes if there is an error.

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