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SICK ’s V18L family of laser photoelectric switches features ranges of up to 60m, detection of small parts, short response times, and laser protection class 1.

The through-beam and reflex systems, and the scanner in a cylinder design, offer the advantages of laser technology with the handling of the "conventional" V18. They also supplement SICK’s inductive, capacitive and magnetic standard sensors, and are mechanically and electrically compatible.

The V18L is a complete series whose devices provide large functional reserves for standard applications. Precise switching points, small light spots and low hysteresis make the devices suitable for special tasks.

All sensors operate with a laser diode complying with protection class 1 according to IEC 60825-1, whereby no laser-specific protective measures are necessary during operation.

With the V18L family, switching types are selected via a control wire. Device designs have NPN or PNP switching output and four-pin M12 connection plugs and LEDs give status and function indication.

The VS/VE18L through-beam photoelectric switch achieves an extreme range of 60m, while the VL18L reflex photoelectric switch reaches 35m. The VTE18L energetic proximity switch offers a reading distance of 400mm.

Despite the distances, users are provided with the small light spots typical of lasers: 0.7mm diameter for the reflex switches, and 0.5mm for the through-beam system, allow reliable detection of large and small parts. With the VS/VE18L this is manually programmed, but takes place via teach-in with the other two devices.

High switching frequencies of up to 1000Hz allow detection of rapidly moving objects.

The V18L has applications in a range of fields such as assembly and handling technology, in special machine construction, the packaging industry, and in storage and conveyor technology.

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