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A 360° field of view, ranges of up to 28.5 m even in dark hall areas, and a high level of accuracy thanks to a resolution of 0.1° make the NAV 200 laser measurement system an automatic navigator for automated guided vehicles. Laser navigation extends the range of uses of free-moving vehicles.

The NAV 200 is an actively scanning, precise laser measurement system. The measurement system’s scanner emits an invisible light impulse through 360° and measures the time to reception of the reflections from reflectors. Like a GPS (global positioning system), the NAV 200 determines the current vehicle position in the area as an LPS (local positioning system).

Programmed for precise position detection.

The angular accuracy of 0.1°, combined with precise distance measurement and knowledge of the position of the reflectors, provides a high level of position accuracy. Thanks to the NAV 200, the vehicle always knows where it currently is, even with strong illumination or deliberate dazzling.

The high position data rate of up to 8 Hz simultaneously allows rapid orientation of the vehicle. The measured values provided by the NAV 200 are transmitted via an RS-232 interface to the vehicle controller, which carries out a comparison of position and, if necessary, initiates a change in the path taken. Alterations in routes, for example because hall use has been redesigned, can be taken into account by a simple software parameterisation in the on-board computer.

NAV 200 – rather fulfilled navigation than failed navigation.

The laser measurement system is available from Sick.

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