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Intelligent interface for safe automation

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WITH Intelliface, the family of intelligent interface components for differing networking levels, SICK has realised a concept that allows safety sensors to be integrated in relay, PLC and safety-oriented field bus environments.

These components are designed for bus technology and thus provide investment security, although they can also be integrated in control landscapes that are currently (still) dominant.

Thus the basic demands of "safe" automation are catered for with modern UE 10 series safety relays. They act as evaluation and test devices for optoelectronic safety sensors as well as switches and interlocks.

The UE 100 series offers more logic, more functionalities, and application-specific variants. In the case of machines with a low networking level they allow a simple integration of safety technology in the machine's control system.

Each of the different UE 100 modules has five operating modes that can be parameterised, an RS232 interface for setting device parameters and diagnosis, LEDs, 7-segment display for showing functions and operating states on the housing, as well as safety interfaces and outputs up to Category 4.

A variety of supplementary functions are available on the device, depending on the variant and its application-specific design, e.g. the use of cycles, emergency stop, and logical AND/OR linkages.

The IP 67 input modules of the UE 1000 series are the bus nodes for demanding requirements. The devices are designed for machines and plant with a high networking level and programmable logic controllers.

Advantages such as reduced wiring costs, bi-directional communication between the field and management levels, or high transfer rates, are also accessible to the safety technology as a result of bus technology.

Whether diagnosis of individual sensors, automatic download of sensor configuration and parameterisation during first commissioning, the state of the 18 active and passive inputs for safety sensors, or auto-reconfiguration in the case of replacement or servicing during running plant operation - all the safety-relevant data from differing components can be transferred in bus systems via the UE 1000.

With the components of the Intelliface concept, users profit from rapid commissioning, simple maintenance, and uncomplicated replacement of sensors - which minimises the cost of ownership and ensures that safety technology and the entire plant are highly economical.

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