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Intelligent illumination for inspection systems

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WITH its ICL Intense Camera Lights, SICK is presenting a wide range of illumination solutions for camera-supported inspection systems.

The ICL's incidental and background lighting provide homogeneous and intense illumination of objects within the inspection windows of, for example, camera sensors from SICK's ICS family.

All lighting systems have a direct TTL input for trigger signals from the camera so that the illumination can be adapted to the needs of the camera.

Selection of the right illumination has a decisive influence on the quality of camera-supported inspection solutions.

Homogeneous and comparatively ambient-light-immune illumination situations can be set up with the ICL in a variety of applications, ensuring high availability and validity of the camera inspection.

Short illumination times permit "flash" inspections of very rapidly moving parts. The optimised distribution of the emitted quantity of light is like the vignetting of a camera lens, and ensures regular lighting and illumination.

ICL incidental light solutions have an enclosure rating of IP65, while background illumination systems are IP67. Easy to clean, both ensure a high level of availability even under harsh environmental conditions.

The extremely flat design of the background illumination, with a maximum depth of 20mm, allows easy integration into inspection systems even as an upgrade. Furthermore, ICLs require no pre-switching device to compensate for voltage fluctuations or transfer camera trigger signals.

Together with the right ICL illumination solution, the intelligent camera sensors of the ICS family from SICK provide optimum inspection results.

The ICL is available in incidental light versions with green light for visual fields of 20mm x 20mm and 40mm x 40mm, and with background illumination in red light for visual fields of 160mm x 160mm. ICS cameras to match these ICL versions are offered without illumination.

Cameras with fields of 40mm x 40mm and 80mm x 80mm are also available with integrated green illumination that complement the ICS 100, that has already been on the market for one year.

Thus there is a wide range of illumination available for users, solving many tasks in conjunction with the ICS family, while also improving the performance of numerous other vision cameras and sensors.

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