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The Inspector from SICK is a compact, user-friendly and reliable 2D vision sensor for inspecting parts and products in varying orientations and positions.

The illumination, image evaluation and Ethernet interface are integrated in the device. The Inspector was developed for a wide variety of applications. Its robust design stands up to the harsh environment of vehicle manufacturing, while processes in the packaging industry – including those with high speeds – benefit from its intelligent and rapid evaluation functions.  

The Inspector is as powerful as a camera and as easy to use as a standard photoelectric sensor. Its two illumination variants – ring or diffuse dome illumination – are firmly integrated in the IP67 metal housing. The dome illumination is ideal, in particular, for glossy, highly reflective surfaces and provides a very homogeneous image – the key to a successful application solution. Many comparable systems would require costly external illumination arrangements that are complicated to design.  

Reliable quality assurance in any orientation   The Inspector does not require parts to be identically positioned for inspection. Its software algorithms evaluate the edges, grey values or pixel sums of a test-piece within a few milliseconds, regardless of position and alignment. No trigger signal is required in continuous operation – image capture and evaluation take place as soon as the object is detected within the measurement field. Time-optimized image evaluation also permits the inspection of parts in high-speed processes.  

Configuration possible on the sensor or via PC   The Inspector offers a variety of possibilities for configuration – from signal-controlled teach-in to external teach-in of a new part contour, or PC-supported configuration. Configuration via PC allows rapid teach-in in a few steps thanks to the user-friendly interface designed for intuitive input. Furthermore, expert parameters also permit configuration for more complex tasks.  

Focus on packaging inspections  

The Inspector is the perfect solution for numerous packaging tasks, including: 

  • checking the position of labels on bottles, boxes or other containers,
  • presence detection of the date code,
  • checking caps and lids for presence, correct fit and damage,
  • checking that blister packs are filled and correctly sealed,
  • inspecting packaging bags, e.g. with sterile medical products, for completeness,
  • checking the completeness and alignment of packages in trays or presenters,
  • inspecting returnable bottles for corks or screw caps, or
  • detecting revenue stamps on tobacco packaging.

The inspection of assembly components is a typical application in the automotive industry. 

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