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article image The IVC-2D industrial vision camera.
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WITH the integration of Swedish image processing experts IVP last year, SICK has taken a further step towards expanding its technological position in the factory automation sector.

The new two-dimensional IVC-2D industrial vision camera is the first result of this combination of competence in sensor technology and unique expertise in matters regarding image processing.

The introduction of the IVC-2D marks the arrival of high-tech image processing technology in factory automation. This camera combines the latest technology with a highly flexible and powerful program library for image evaluation.

Quality inspections on assembly lines, robot guidance, or checking labels on packaging are just a few examples of the highly varied application opportunities for the IVC-2D in industrial environments.

The IVC-2D offers image-processing users a wide variety of possibilities. These include approximately 100 software tools from the program library, with which the most varied of two-dimensional tasks can be solved.

Shapes, geometries, sizes or designs - the user can make very detailed adjustments of the camera via the graphic programming interface to meet their object detection needs. The solution is solely oriented upon the function of the machine - without compromise and thus without impairing its performance potential.

A variety of pixel solutions, the shutter (for reducing the effect of ambient light), the housing and connection technology suitable for industrial use, and immunity to impacts and vibrations ensure that the smart camera provides a high level of availability in industrial environments.

In addition to three freely programmable switching outputs, the IVC-2D offers a Fast Ethernet connection for rapid and straightforward construction of a communication network for transmitting data and parameters to the machine control system. So there are also no communication-related restrictions on its use.

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