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The ICR845-2L FlexLens camera code reader, brought to you by Sick , manages to read distances up to 2 m. Short evaluation times even in case of large reading fields and high reading reliability concerning both stationary and moving objects open up interesting application fields for the ICR845-2L FlexLens, particularly in car manufacturing, packaging systems, and in intralogistics.

This applies equally to new plants and retrofitting, since the connection system of the ICR845-2L FlexLens and the CLV series laser scanners from SICK is identical – which permits simple switching to the camera code reader if required. Flexibility means versatility Flexibility is one of the distinguishing marks of the long-range code reader. Interchangeable camera lenses and varied means of lighting allow adjusting the ICR845-2L FlexLens to nearly any reading task.

Reading distances of up to 2 m are possible – which is important, for instance, if the reading device cannot be mounted closer to the object or needs to be installed outside of a handling area. The 1D or, respectively, 2D codes are identified reliably in any state of movement – whether at a standstill, in constant movement, or during braking or accelerating by a transport system. An additional bonus is the fact that even if the reading device needs to detect the code within a large reading field, the reading result becomes available quickly due to the short decoding time.

User friendliness means fast and high availability The ICR845-2L FlexLens also distinguishes itself by a high degree of user friendliness. Changing the lens is a matter of seconds, involving only a few simple touches. The connecting and mounting systems meet SICK’s industrial standard, thus accelerating start-up. Live Image and AutoSetup permit fast and efficient implementation of the reading task without a PC – especially since users are familiar with the operator interface from other code readers made by SICK. With the ICR845-2L FlexLens object identification in many applications is no longer a question of distance.  

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