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I20-UV Flex vision sensors now available from Sick

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For inspecting the edges of highly light-absorbing, deep blue solar wafers, Sick have a new product in the successful Inspector family: the Inspector I20-UV Flex. Successful pilot installations proves that damaged wafers are detected reliably and rejected in time with the Inspector I20-UV Flex.

The manufacturing of the solar cells is a series of complex operations. In various wet-chemical, plasma, and thermal processes, different layers are applied to the silicon substrate. Since the solar cells are very thin (measuring only approximately 180 µm in thickness), the risk of damage is high.  Not only during transport and handling in the facility, but also due to the process-related mechanical and thermal stress. At the same time, the characteristics of the solar wafers surface are changing in nearly every processing step – from silvery gleam all the way to almost black colour with a monocrystalline or polycrystalline structure.

Features and benefits of the edge inspectors include:

  • 2D vision sensors with integrated LED ring light are included in the edge inspectors, and deliver performance for gray, etched wafers
  • The Inspector I20-UV Flex edge inspectors provide maximal reliability when it comes to deep blue, coated solar wafers
  • Integrated illumination is a feature of the edge inspectors
  • The edge inspectors feature image evaluation
  • Ethernet interface
  • Inspector I20-UV Flex. edge inspectors are proven compact and reliable solutions for edge inspection
  • The inspectors are easy to integrate to the industrial environment

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