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With the differentiated Hiperdrive portfolio, presented for the first time at the SPS/IPC/Drives 2007 trade fair in Nuremberg, Sick Stegmann has actively taken up the automation trend of format adjustment to measure.

The wide variety of system versions, layered according to power output, measurement process or operating comfort, offers economical procurement of solutions according to users’ demands and needs.

The specific application demands made of Hiperdrive positioning drives involve, among other things, machine-specific features such as spindle inclination or traversing path, the desired power output of the drive, the question retention moment: yes or no?, the necessary resolution, selection of the measurement system, and the ease of use during the setup and operation of a machine. Thus, here too, the user’s requirement is format adjustment to measure.

Layered power output and retention moment:

The expanded Hiperdrive family offers great flexibility in the selection of output power: 25W, 30W, 35W or 45W drives are available covering the common performance range of many machine types.

The 25W version is suitable for replacing smaller handwheels whose auxiliary axles only require low power, e.g. for format adjustment in carton erectors.

The 30W and 45W device versions offer an additional feature: self-retention. This means that the drive on the particular axle cannot be turned in a power-free state, i.e. the drive’s position is unchanged by external factors while the machine is off.

Resolution and user comfort to measure:

Regardless of the power output and the retention moment, all Hiperdrive positioning drives from Sick are available as differing variants with 16 to 1,024 steps/rotation and 64 to 1,024 resolvable rotations.

Regarding setup comfort and the type of machine operation, versions are available with jog buttons for manual adjustment. If the motor is only connected to 24 V DC during commissioning, but not to the control logic of the machine, the motor shaft can be brought into the desired position manually by pressing the jog button. Thus setup mode is possible even if the machine is not completely electrically connected considerably simplifying commissioning.

Automatic format adjustment is desirable in many situations:

Whether in packaging machines, sintering presses, beverage filling systems, tyre production or printing machines – the Hiperdrive automatic format adjustment drive performs real precision work everywhere.

Precision, repeat accuracy, time savings, batch-related automation, fewer rejects, or process and processing quality that can be documented, are always the important arguments for converting from manual format adjustment via handwheels to automatic Hiperdrive drives.

The easy-to-implement integrated positioning drives, in which the motor, the gears, the measurement system, and the performance and regulatory electronics are accommodated in a compact housing, allow the efficient operation of machines even with small batch sizes, frequent product changes or varying sizes of, say, primary packaging or tyres because they prevent complicated manual positioning and adjustment work.

Machine auxiliary axles can be re-adjusted to any number of formats much quicker with Hiperdrive than using manual adjustment via handwheels. It therefore provides two benefits simultaneously: increased machine performance, and an adjustment and repeat accuracy that is unattainable manually.

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