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Gas analyser for measurement in flue gas flow

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SICK -MAIHAK's new in-situ measuring device, the GM 35 gas analyser, is versatile.

The GM 35 continuously measures CO, CO2 and moisture in the flue gas flow. It also measures pressure and temperature and can make simultaneous or individual measurements depending on the version of the device. This makes the GM 35 a suitable choice for optimising and controlling combustion processes and drying plants.

The GM 35 can monitor emissions in industry sectors including power plants, cement works, the petrochemical industry, steel production and textile production.

The in-situ measuring technology can help cut costs from the outset and guarantees representative results are delivered quickly.

This device requires does not require gas to be extracted or prepared. Installation and maintenance of the device is easy. The self-monitoring functions integrated in the GM 35 system ensure that the measuring values are reliable and stable in the long-term.

The multi-component analysis system comprises a transmitter/receiver unit, measuring probe, mounting flange, and evaluation unit. It also features interfaces to other industrial and control systems.

Various probes are available depending on requirements, including probes with apertures that allow a continuous supply of purge air or probes with gas-permeable diaphragm inserts.

The gas mixture flows through the probe's measuring path directly in the duct. The components and concentrations of this mixture can be detected and measured on the basis of their specific light absorption characteristics.

Cross-sensitivity can be eliminated by choosing wavelengths in the infrared range of 1.6 to 4.9æm and by using optimised evaluation algorithms.

Except for deposited dust and water droplets, the composition of the measuring gas remains unchanged, even in wet gases or gases with a heavy dust content.

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