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Flexible Designs and Continuous Performance with SICK’s System Solutions

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Leading logistics automation system solutions can be strategically customised with SICK’s expert range of sensors and accessories to produce a reliable, flexible and consistent high quality result even in the most difficult of applications.

Accurate and certified Volume Measurement Systems for all applications

  • VMS410/510: Fully integrated with measuring functions, single-head volume detection of box objects
  • VMS420/520: Precision detection of real volume, dual-head, rapid high-speed solution for irregular and cuboidal shapes
Code Reading Systems intelligently adapted to specification
  • OPS400: Compact and high performing omni-directional reading via innovative SMART code recognition
  • OPS: Customised Omni Portal System creates complete logistic efficiency with optimised barcode identification within goods and freighting
  • ALIS: Highly effective luggage sort and transfer for T-codes, linear codes and IATA RFID-tags
  • ICR880: Sophisticated vision camera system for linear and 2D code reading
  • ICR890: High performance CCD-based camera system for 1D and 2d barcode with superior available resolution and image quality
Automatic weight and volume evaluation with Dimensioning Weigh Scanning Systems
  • DWS Dynamic: All in one solution for integration into existing conveyor systems at speeds up to 2.9m/s
  • DWS Static: Manual dimensioning weighting scanning system combined with frame and roller conveyor
Highly developed Vision Systems for exceptional throughput, quality and efficiency
  • MCL: Specific for sorter inspections with on-demand capability while remaining non-intrusive for increased uptime
  • IDL: Continuous efficiency, detecting and measuring items as low as 2mm with double detection whether on belt or tray
  • PLB: 3D intelligence localisation of parts in bins and boxes for robotic part handling
  • PLR: Effective standalone vision system of part localisation for de-racking
Continuous reliability that can only be achieved from SICK trusted design. SICK’s complete system assurance offers you the support to make the right decisions from consultation, integration and after-sales servicing to keep your operations outperforming time and time again.

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