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SICK has introduced the VLL18 fibre optic cable system to its range of sensors in cylindrical M18 housings.

The VLL18 has a long range and offers the transparency and flexibility of SICK’s modular range of LL3 fibre-optic cables.

SICK's VLL18 system solutions have M18 housings and mounting technology with a variety of physical sensor principles such as new, opto-electronic VLL18 fibre-optic cable systems, opto-electronic V18 proximity switches, IM18 inductive proximity switches, CM18 capacitive proximity switches and MM18 magnetic proximity switches.

The M18 housing is a standard design for proximity switches.

Transparent, flexible and compatible, the range of LL3 fibre-optic cables are appropriate for use with VLL18. The modular range of LL3 series plastic fibre-optic cables is suitable for all hardware options available from SICK.

LL3 fibre-optic cable systems are suitable for current fibre-optic evaluation units, and the WLL12, WLL(T)160, WLL170(T) and WLL24-EX-i series. This allows users to choose the LL3 fibre-optic cable that meets mounting and detection requirements before selecting the desired WLLxxx or VLL18 evaluation unit, or to choose the WLLxxx or VLL18 evaluation unit and then the LL3 fibre-optic cable.

The VLL18 is easy to handle thanks to a visible, red transmission light (useful for mounting and commissioning). The LL3 range of fibre optic cables can be easily adapted as there is no requirement for tools and the unit can be reliably attached and detached.

The VLL18 also offers above-average ranges with fibre-optic cables from the LL3 series. It has standardised mounting with M18 housing and M12 plug-in connection cables.

The variable system parameters and good ranges in conjunction with LL3 series fibre-optic cables make the VLL18 photoelectric switches suitable for a range of applications in the semiconductor and electronics industries, handling and assembly technology, and packaging. The VLL18 is also suitable for detection tasks in automation technology.

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