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"Facelift" for magnetic cylinder sensors

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AN extremely strong plastic and the new housing facelift are important facets of the redesign of the MZ-T1 magnetic cylinder sensor and its reedswitch version, the RZ-T1, available from SICK Australia .

These provide important advantages for detection reliability and device operation.

Magnetic cylinder sensors are used for the precise and reproducible detection of pneumatic cylinder piston position.

In addition to the ability to replace sensors on cylinders that are firmly installed, an important practical feature of such devices is, in particular, their secure fixing in the piston slot.

The redesign of the MZ-T1 and RZ-T1 has led to a substantial improvement in these.

The considerably tougher housing material allows a far stronger thread design, whereby the mounting screw can now be tightened with two-and-a-half times as much torque.

It is impossible to lever out the sensor via its connection cable.

The sensor is still user-friendly despite its concealed, and thus protected, mounting in the T-slot: an easily visible LED on the upper surface of the housing serves as a function indicator and, when necessary, informs users about the current switching state.

Rapid identification of the sensors while mounted is possible as a result of their appropriate design and the labelling of the type designation, order number, etc.

This is helpful for any sensor replacement that may be required, and for implementing additional switching points retroactively.

The technical specifications, type designations, order numbers and the many mounting and operating advantages provided by the sensors remain unchanged.

Thus the redesigned MZ-T1 is also available as a DC 3-wire version with a choice of a two-metre connection cable or a cable and M8x1 mm device plug.

The device has been designed for travelling speeds of up to 5m/s and switching frequencies of 5000Hz.

It is therefore also suitable for applications with rapid cylinder movements, e.g. for pushers or tilting shell sorters in conveyor systems, or for plants with high throughput rates, such as those often found in the food packaging industry.

The MZ-T1 is designed with a PNP switching output. Response sensitivity is 3mTesla. Hysteresis is below 1.5mm, so that the desired switching points required can be accurately defined.

Reproducibility of less than 0.2mm also increases the accuracy of piston rod position detection.

A wide range of measures such as protection against line breaks, short circuits and reverse polarity, and cut-in impulse suppression, ensure simple installation and trouble-free operation of the magnetic cylinder sensor.

The EN 60 947-5-2-compliant electromagnetic compatibility, IP67 housing enclosure rating, minimal temperature drift, and great immunity to even the most extreme impacts and vibrations, are further features that are of major importance in industrial use.

The switch is suitable for applications with switching frequencies of up to 400Hz and also offers almost the same functionalities as the electronic design.

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