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Extra control features for camera sensors

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article image ICS camera sensor with extra control features.
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SICK has added extra control features to its ICS series of camera sensors.

The remote activation of parameter sets saved in the camera sensor and their back-transmission to the memory in a machine control system allow more flexible use of ICS devices.

It is now possible to activate each of the up to 12 saved parameter sets stored in the camera sensors directly from the PLC via a PLC signal. Changing between differing products can be carried out directly by the machine control system, without creating extra work, wasting time equipping, or the risking spurious inputs.

Entire parameter sets can be transmitted and loaded bidirectionally between the PLC and the ICS via the serial interface. Even the most extensive parameter set libraries can be administrated in the machine control system and individually loaded onto the ICS units as a format-based data set. PLC-ICS communication also allows the rapid download of a parameter set if a device is replaced.

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