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SICK Australia has released the C4000 entry/exit safety light curtain. It detects persons entering the hazardous area of a machine but permits material to be transported into and out of this area.

The light curtain monitors access on assembly lines and palletising plants. These are frequently integrated in automated material flow concepts. Loaded pallets, work-pieces, containers or car shells on skids are transported in and out of the work area of the machine. Safeguarding methods commonly used up to now for these incoming and outgoing locks have involved multibeam safety photoelectric switches with attached muting sensors, muting lamps and additional mechanical safeguarding in the form of swing doors. This involves a certain amount of material and installation expenditure.

This task can be solved more cost-effectively, more simply, more flexibly and more reliably with the entry/exit function of the C4000. Instead of supplementary muting sensors, the permanently active safety light curtain uses the data from the self-learning distance monitoring to provide reliable differentiation between people and material. Information on the maximum permissible size of an object, protective field entry and exit, self-taught object distances within the protective field and their changes are detected and used to distinguish between a person and a transport vehicle. The criteria for switching the machine off are sufficient to bring the hazardous motion of the machine to a stop.

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