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Sick  offers new opportunities for measuring linear movements: with the wire-draw encoders of the EcoLine series. Amongst the device’s special features are its light and space-saving housing, highly flexible integration in control systems, and analogue interface with intuitive teach-in function.  

The wire-draw mechanism of wire-draw encoders converts a linear movement, e.g. the rising or falling of a lifting fork, into a rotational movement by means of the winding of the measurement wire on a measurement drum. This is detected by an encoder and transmitted to the controller of, for example, an automatic guided vehicle or hydraulic press. Whereby, depending on the area of use, a variety of demands are made of the measurement system regarding the measurement length, housing size or interface to the controller, among others.  

EcoLine – the combination of proven performance features  

The EcoLine series – developed for measurement lengths of up to 5 m – combines numerous advantages of SICK STEGMANN’s high-end BTF/PRF lines with the compact housings of its BKS/PKS/XKS series. Thus the modular system concept is reflected in the large number of encoder types available – offering the advantage of integration in the most varied of controller environments.

There is also a variant with an attached analogue encoder and a measurement range that can be intuitively adjusted via buttons. The highly compact dimensions, low weight and cost-efficient design (in terms of both production and assembly) make EcoLine wire-draw encoders an economical measurement solution for many applications, e.g. detecting the height of scissor elevating platforms or on manned and unmanned industrial transfer vehicles.

Other applications, for instance the automatic processes of patient tables or other medical applications, can also profit from the easy integration and operation of EcoLine wire-draw encoders.

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