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Dust monitoring for hazardous areas

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article image FW 100 Ex dust monitoring device for hazardous areas.
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THE optical FW 100 dust monitoring devices from SICK-MAIHAK have been designed to measure and analyse low dust concentrations in hazardous areas.

The new model FW 100 Ex's reliable measuring technology is contained in a housing with a pressure-resistant seal. This housing enables the FW 100 Ex to comply with the guidelines for explosion protection in zones 1 and 2.

Because it can be used in hazardous areas, the FW 100 Ex is suitable for quarries, power generation, waste incineration, cement, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and the food industry.

The device checks emissions to ensure limit values are not exceeded and monitors ruptures in fabric filters in hazardous areas.

Like the FW 100, the FW 100 Ex does not require adjustment nor does the measuring path have to be dust free. The probe system is only mounted on one side of the stack.

The instrument features a modular design and functions for automatically measuring zero and check points, and for monitoring pollution.

Dust is monitored optically using a laser light source, which passes a beam of modulated light through the particles in the gas flow. The light dispersed by the particles is recorded by a detector.

The measurement volume in the gas duct is defined by the points of intersection of the transmitted beam and the aperture on the receiver. The measured intensity of the scattered light is equal to the dust concentration.

The device is currently pending approval for certification to ATEX EEXd II C T6.

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