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SICK has released the DME 5000 distance measurement device. The Bluetooth interface improves the availability of storage and retrieval devices in high-bay warehouses. Cable-free data transmission simplifies work and prevents the standstills in the aisle that would otherwise be necessary for safety reasons.

Service technicians can communicate with a sensor on a storage and retrieval device using a Bluetooth-enabled laptop without having to enter a blocked aisle. This is considerably simpler and more comfortable than using a cable. Data transmission is protected against surveillance by encoding the radio signals and by changing the transmission frequency up to 1600 times a second.

Applications for the DME 5000 include automated warehouse technology. It can determine the position of storage and retrieval devices in automatic small parts stores or high-bay warehouses. It can also be used for controlling cranes. The Bluetooth interface allows the setting of parameters without a data cable connection. If necessary, diagnostic information can be read out.

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