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Displacement sensor offers micro precision

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CMOS technology, single-device design, sensor start per setup menu, and display-led programming make the new OD Hi displacement sensor from SICK the high-end solution for scanning and measurement in the µ-range.

Further advantages include the Protection Class 2 laser light source, scanning distance teach-in, calibration of the analogue output with teach-in, digital and thus highly accurate signal processing, simple space-saving installation, and easy commissioning.

Displacement sensors are used in the electronics, automobile and packaging industries, and in robotics, among other areas.

They monitor the presence and position of objects, measure their profiles, diameters and thicknesses, and take on other quality inspection functions where µ-precise detection capability is important.

The new OD Hi is convincing in these applications with its even quicker commissioning, even more flexible use, even greater detection capability, and even higher accuracy.

For the first time a CMOS detection element is used in the OD Hi. As a result, unlike other systems, neither colour changes, nor fluctuating surface properties, nor the reflective properties of an object have any effect on the reliability and precision of measurement.

Thus, for example, a resolution of 2µ can be achieved with a measurement range of 30mm ±4mm and 90% object reflectivity.

The fact that the OD Hi requires no external controller is unusual for displacement sensors. All programming, evaluation, and analogue and digital output functions are integrated in the device.

This not only saves on engineering and wiring costs, but also simplifies procurement and stock-keeping. Once installed, the OD Hi is soon ready for operation: all the necessary settings are queried and saved using the setup menu.

The control field with its five-character LED indicator panel on the device itself provides information on the saved settings and the current measurement values and switching functions.

Moreover, it allows rapid in-situ adaptation of the OD Hi to altered process requirements, and thus reduces plant equipping times.

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