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article image The ISD 300 -- also suitable for deep-freeze areas.
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THE new ISD 300 is the top model among the data transfer photoelectric switches from SICK . Its range of 200m, interfaces for Profibus, Interbus and Allen Bradley control systems, and the display of reception levels, offer a variety of uses and ease of operation. A heated variant also handles "frosty" areas of use.

High-bay stackers in high-bay warehouses are one of the typical areas of use for data transfer photoelectric switches. They allow online communication between the vehicle and the host computer without looped connectors or tow cables that are subject to wear.

Compared to radio systems, they demonstrate high system reliability in the presence of electromagnetic interference. Thanks to the ISD 300's range of 200m, and reliable transfer at up to 1.5mbit/s, the advantages of cable-free data communication can be exploited even among long alleys of shelves.

A variety of transfer frequencies can be selected so that each receiver only detects signals from "its" transmitter. This prevents any interference between individual systems across the alleys.

Transmission and reception data can be provided to a variety of field buses and control systems via appropriate interfaces.

As automatic transport plants in warehouses are designed for high availability, the ISD 300 is designed for rapid commissioning and simple maintenance. Thus the ten-part bar graph reception display on the top of the device simplifies alignment of the transmitter and the receiver towards one another.

The user elements are also accessible from above, considerably simplifying retro-installation on transport vehicles in the alleys. If dust settles on the optical component during operation, or it is damaged, it can be replaced separately without having to dismantle the entire device housing and re-mount and re-adjust it.

The ISD 300 is available in a heater variant for temperatures down to -30°C. This means the device can also be used in deep-frozen high-bay warehouses.

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