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Controlled greenhouse fertilisation with SICK gas analysers

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Gas analysers from SICK are being put to use in greenhouses to monitor nitric oxide values with precision.  

Plants use carbon dioxide to grow by transforming it into starch through photosynthesis. Plant growth can be increased considerably in a natural and ecologically healthy way, by using clean incineration exhaust to enrich the air with CO2 in tomato greenhouses.  

Nitric oxides from the exhaust can even be reused as fertilisers under controlled conditions. Small power stations are often used for the generation of power and the heating of greenhouses. Their exhausts can be reused in an environmentally-friendly way if they are cleaned of toxins.  

Incineration gases are therefore directed into flue gas purification plants so that they can be used for fertilisation. SICK’s gas analysing systems monitor the nitric oxide values for optimal feeding of the plants, combining economy with environmental protection.  

The nitric oxide content has to be measured continuously for the observation of the legally binding emission limits and the limit monitoring of the exhaust ducts into the greenhouse.  

The GMS800 DEFOR gas analysers by SICK can measure nitric oxide content in measuring ranges from 0 to 50 mg/m³. The summation of NO + NO2 to NOX is carried out directly in the SICK gas analyser without requiring an NOX converter.  

The complete extractive measurement system, MAC800 consists of a heated extraction probe, the heated measuring gas line, a measuring gas cooler, a measuring gas pump, the GMS800 DEFOR analyser and a device for test gas admission.  

Key benefits of SICK’s suitability-tested gas analysers: 

  • Ensures a high level of safety for people and plants in the greenhouse
  • Reliable measurement supports ecological and economic aspects
  • Easy to maintain, offers low-cost services and measures with high availability
  • NOX measurement provides reliable instantaneous values
  • Optimises plant control in an environment-friendly way
  • Minimises exhaust purification costs

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