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With the product family of SLG Smart Light GridsSICK presents a new generation of binary light grids that impresses with its smart appearance on the scene.

A choice between light emission on the flat side in case of the “Slim Variant” or light emission on the wide side in case of the “Flat Variant,” beam coding to prevent mutual interference, simple “click & go” installation and plug & play start instead of elaborate start-up – these are the most important common features marking the three devices of the product family.  

The SAS Smart Area Sensor is a perfect solution for numerous automation tasks on and in machinery, e.g. for counting parts or detecting projections. The SAS works within a range of up to 4 m with a resolution of 40 mm. Four graduated height variants from 120 mm to 600 mm permit adjustable use on machines. In terms of user friendliness, too, the SAS sets new standards: By using a teach button, the user can choose not only between manual teaching, but can also access directly the software of the SAS. In this way, various parameters – cross or parallel beams, alignment aid on or off, PNP switching output negated or not – can be adjusted properly to the respective application.  

The device behind the term SPL is the Smart Pick to Light Sensor, which constitutes an effective aid, for instance, in order picking from small parts storages. The important thing for the woman or man on site is that the extremely bright green Job LEDs on both sides of the rack compartments are visible from all around, i.e. over greater distances and from acute angles as well. In this way, it is possible to detect immediately all current picking compartments with just one glance. Another highlight is the integrated monitoring of mistaken picks: As soon as a part is picked from a rack compartment, the Job LEDs lighting up red indicate this.  

Finally, the SGS is the Smart Gate Sensor that protects, nearly unnoticed, automatic doors in busses and trains, on high-speed gates or at turnstiles. Featuring ranges between 4 m and 10 m, resolutions from 40 mm or 80 mm, and graduated total heights between 600 mm and 1,400 mm, the SGS can be configured to match each task. In view of the long years of application experience with light grids for monitoring doors and gates, SICK has integrated the so-called ”chewing gum” function into the SGS: By means of the switching behaviour of the two switching outputs, it is possible to recognize whether individual beams are interrupted, for instance, by a piece of chewing gum. The ongoing monitoring function during vehicle operations is not impaired by this; simultaneously, however, the SGS issues a check or, respectively, a maintenance message.      

Small, flat, and attractively priced, the three sensor variants of the SLG series of smart light grids provide intelligent solutions for various application scenarios. If operating conditions happen to be particularly harsh, robust stabilizer housings made of aluminium are available.

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