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Compact 2D Laser Scanners with Powerful Detection Capabilities

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The TiM5xx 2D laser scanners from SICK sets a new standard in detection and ranging. It is able to see, report and monitor its surroundings and measure the area in its vicinity with incredible detail - up to 10 meters in 1º increments.

Complete measurement accuracy
The TiM5xx provides reliable object detection which won't be distracted by dirt, dust, moisture or ambient light - no need for constant recalibration. Other benefits include:

  • Rugged IP 67 housing withstands both indoor and outdoor conditions
  • Small size means it is easily integrated into compact automated guided vehicles (AGV) 
  • Ethernet interface makes easy implementation and remote maintenance possible
  • Can determine additional information such as object size, shape, etc. due to measured data output
  • Low implementation costs due to scalability: Sensor telegram is identical to sensor telegrams for laser measurement sensors in the SICK portfolio 

Absolutely accurate ranging and measuring
Features include:

  • Monitoring area of up to 235 m² with just one sensor
  • HDDM technology providing high ambient light tolerance
  • Low power consumption of just 3 W
  • Compact design with a housing height of just 86 mm maximum
  • Integrated Ethernet interface
  • Long sensing range of up to 10 metres
  • Industry-standard design and M12 male connector

Laser scanners for mobile and stationary applications
Its rugged housing makes the TiM5xx ideal for harsh indoor or outdoor applications. Applications include:

  • Collision avoidance for automated guided vehicles (AGV)
  • Object measurement and detection
  • Monitoring of objects in the field of building automation
  • Pallet detection
  • Navigation of automated guided vehicles (AGV)



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