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article image Detects coloured objects in industrial environments.
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THE new CVS colour vision sensor from SICK Australia , is used for detecting coloured objects in industrial environments.

Compared with conventional colour sensors the special features of the device include its flat detection field, the three long actuation and scanning distances available, and of course the possibility of checking a pixel number for the taught-in colour.

As a result, the CVS can handle numerous applications where conventional colour sensors have failed because of their point detection or too low a scanning distance.

The CVS operates with an RGB chip for image capture, allowing it to check whether a taught-in colour is present within the field of view in the taught-in amount.

In this way the CVS can, for example, detect and distinguish between labels with a wide variety of designs - something that is hardly possible with a sensor that detects on a point basis.

Thus the device is suitable for, among other things, packaging machines with frequently changing label designs, or production batches that are to be labelled differently.

The CVS is available with actuation distances of 50mm-100mm, 90mm-150mm, and 210mm-270mm. In all three versions, the high depth of field range and colour display on the device itself allows simple sensor alignment and robust operation.

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