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CANopen HIPERDRIVE Hub connection module from Sick

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The new CANopen HIPERDRIVE Hub is a connection module for distributing performance and the data management of up to 64 HIPERDRIVE format adjustment drives, e.g. the new HRA08 compact positioning drive.

In addition to substantially reducing cabling effort (particularly on complex machines with numerous auxiliary axles) and minimising the space required in the control cabinet, the clear address structure in CANopen is highly advantageous.

The CANopen HIPERDRIVE Hub ”organises” fieldbus communication between positioning and format adjustment drives and the machine controller.

The automation system, e.g. a packaging machine or carton erector, has continuous access to the status of each individual positioning drive due to signal and communication management at transfer rates of between 10 and 1,000 kBaud.

The machine controller can contact each positioning drive via the fieldbus connection, e.g. using a touch-screen panel – either individually or simultaneously with other drives. In addition to the CANopen version, the HIPERDRIVE Hub is also available for connection to Profibus DP.

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