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THE expandable CDM 400 connection module, available from SICK Australia , is extremely flexible, and enabled for a variety of field buses.

Thus all 1-D and 2-D barcode reading devices from SICK, and the LMS 400 laser measurement system, can easily be networked with Profibus and DeviceNet.

Moreover, connection can be made to SICK's CAN-scanner network, host computers and PLC units.

And, beyond the connection opportunities, users of the CDM 400 have numerous other options.

As a basic device, the CDM 400 offers three sockets for optional fieldbus modules and one socket each for a parameter memory, a display with a foil keyboard, and a switchable power supply.

As a result of this flexibility, users can put together the optimum application-specific configuration to meet their needs.

This ensures that only those functions that are actually required need be purchased. There is also the option of equipping the CDM basis device for bus-enabled functionality.

The plug-in fieldbus gateways allow connection of all 1-D and 2-D reading devices to Profibus or DeviceNet, thereby potentially disposing of the need to maintain stocks of fieldbus specific scanner types.

Users deciding to employ the optional CMC 400 parameter memory can rely on the simplest possible device replacement, as the memory module stores all the operating parameters of the replaced devices and automatically transfers them to the new unit.

If users integrate the optional power supply module in the CDM 400 they save by not having to provide a 24V cable all the way to the reading device.

The optional four-line illuminated display with integrated foil keyboard offers a particularly high level of user comfort - especially for scanners that are difficult to access.

Without the connection of an external PC, it displays read results and a variety of diagnostic information on the connected reading device (called up via the keyboard).

The CDM 400's transparent lid allows all commissioning, operating and diagnostic messages, as well as configuration switch settings, to be seen at a glance.

Thanks to its enclosure rating of IP65, the CDM 400 is also suitable for connection of barcode scanners under industrial conditions.

In combination with a CLV 480 or CLV/X 490 barcode scanner with integrated heating, the CDM 490 can also be used for deep-freeze applications down to -35°C.

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