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Bulk level measurement and safety indicator

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THE MaihakMBA 200, the new SICK-MAIHAK level indicator for bulk material, carries out level measurement and can help maximise plant safety.

The MaihakMBA 200 is the latest product in the MBA series of accurate and reliable rotating paddle switches.

The MaihakMBA 200 reports when limit values are reached and can be easily used as a "bin full" or "bin empty" sensor. When the device indicates that the bin is full, the safety-oriented measurement can prevent a silo overflowing if, for example, there is a power cut or a fault in the supply line.

The MaihakMBA 200 is a multi-voltage system with an in-built micro-controller. This means it also features as standard an electronic time delayed on and off switching circuit, which responds to irregular product movements.

Gold-plated contacts ensure a high level of switching reliability at low currents and voltages, for example, when the device is connected to a PLC.

In comparison with its predecessors, this device is also much easier to assemble. The robust housing contains a large connection box for installing cables, a rotatable indicator head that allows the device to be aligned exactly, and a spring tension mechanism that can be easily adjusted.

The MaihakMBA 200 level indicator is available in a wide variety of special versions and features an extensive range of shafts. This means it can be adapted to cope with hazardous areas, increased pressure, and temperatures ranging from -60°C to +800°C, making it suitable for handling most kinds of bulk material.

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