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Boiler Wall Monitors from SICK Identify and Prevent Corrosion on Time

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Boiler wall monitors from SICK help prevent corrosion on boiler walls by identifying corrosion caused by flue gas, enabling corrective action to be taken on time to extend the boiler’s durability.  

Sensors from SICK are capable of recognising corrosion caused by flue gas and prolong the durability of incineration boilers by determining CO Corrosion Level and CO Corrosion Load values.  

Alternative energy concepts have not been able to replace coal-fired power plant technology. Installation damage and boiler downtime due to corrosion by flue gas however considerably impair the efficiency of such combustion plants.  

Sulphur and chloride content in the carbon, which enters the metallic boiler walls and destroys them by corrosion is the main problem. The corrosive processes themselves are highly complex and cannot be measured directly or simply.  

They mainly take place in a reducing atmosphere in which there is little or no oxygen in the flue gas, but instead a lot of carbon monoxide.  

The determination of reducing flue gas conditions near the boiler wall can catch potential corrosion danger in time and facilitate corrective counteractions.  

Thanks to the long term evaluation of the corrosive impact, service intervals can be extended and the durability of the boiler can be prolonged.    

Boiler wall monitoring by GM960  

SICK’s boiler wall monitoring solution, the GM960 boiler wall monitor offers an adequate measuring system to extensively prevent corrosion due to flue gas on the inner boiler wall.  

The CO and O2 concentrations are permanently and reliably measured at many different points of the boiler wall. The gas concentrations are used as indicators of a potential corrosion problem.  

The GM960 analyses the flue gas simultaneously at all measuring points. The CO and O2 values are analysed at 40 measuring points and the corrosion-specific values, CO Corrosion Level and CO Corrosion Load are calculated.  

The CO Corrosion Level is a trend measuring value for the determination of the present corrosion danger of the boiler wall. The CO Corrosion Load indicates the long-term corrosive impact that the boiler wall was exposed to in the area of a particular measuring point.    

In practice two sensors (CO and O2) and an electronic unit are installed at each of these measuring points. All measuring points are connected via data bus to an industrial PC controlling the whole system, analysing the data and generating alarm signals in case an acute corrosion danger is recognised.  

Key benefits of the flue gas monitors: 

  • Recognises and prevents corrosion in time
  • Permanent information on the potential corrosion danger of the boiler wall is available
  • Supports the ideal adjustment of the burners and combustion air
  • Measurement data can facilitate efficient maintenance and revision plans
  • Reduction of operation costs and increase in plant safety

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