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RELIABLY identifying objects of differing sizes with misaligned or read-critical barcodes at high transport speeds, are the strengths of the new CLV 480 barcode scanners from SICK .

Focal adjustment in real time via up to five switching inputs covers all reading distances from 260mm to 2,050mm. Decoder frequencies of between 600 and 1,200Hz allow object identification in rapid transport plants.

Efficient code detection and evaluation ensure high reading quality with weakly contrasting, dirty or partially destroyed barcodes, even if the codes are located behind foil or on thermopaper.

The CLV 480 is available as a line scanner or an oscillating mirror version for automatically "finding" inaccurately placed barcodes. The large optical aperture angle allows detection of codes even if they are located close to the device.

In addition, the device is largely tilt-independent from +45° to -45° so that even misaligned barcodes can be reliably read.

High decoding frequencies of up to 1,200Hz, dynamic focal point adjustment in real time, code evaluation with the help of the SMART decoder algorithm, and immunity to ambient light and dazzle, lead to optimum reading reliability - of particular importance in plants with high throughput levels, e.g. package sorters.

These advantages can also be exploited in deep-freeze applications thanks to the optional heating system that can be integrated.

A wide variety of output and networking possibilities, including a CANopen data interface, offer individual control connection and networking opportunities, right up to object tracking in omnidirectional reading stations.

During initial commissioning, the CLV 480 is ready for operation in minimum time with the help of CLV Setup parameterisation software.

During plant operation, external parameter memory means that scanners can be exchanged quickly and easily, if necessary.

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