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article image Connection module for cloning barcode scanner parameters.
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WITH the introduction of the new CDB400, a compact, unified connection module is now available for all SICK barcode scanners.

An optional CMC400 memory module, that stores all the device parameters externally, can be inserted into the CDB400.

The CMC400 cloning module carries the "genetic information" of its predecessor. New scanners can be "cloned" as often as desired by transferring information back from the CMC400. Thus individual scanners can be very quickly exchanged without additional parameter-setting.

The write-protection switch prevents unintentional overwriting of the reading-point-specific barcode scanner parameters. Use of the new CDB400 connection module, however, into which the CMC400 can be inserted, is a prerequisite for taking advantage of the cloning module.

Cloning existing scanners allows defective components to be replaced quickly and easily and in many cases by untrained personnel.

The CDB400 is half the size of its predecessor. The new version also features strain-relief PG screws, IP65 with standard scanner cable and plug-in connection to the scanner's service interface and offers further advantages important in mounting and operation.

The CDB400 has a transparent cover providing a clear view of the LED indicators and switch settings behind it and can be mounted in a closed state.

All stationary barcode scanners from SICK can be connected to the SICK CAN-Scanner network, to host computers and PLC units using the new CDB400 connection box.

The CMC400 cloning module supports all scanners (except the CLV 410). Customers can easily upgrade, with the cloning module, reading points that already have the CDB400.

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