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THE large reading field, within which barcodes and 2D codes such as Data Matrix ECC 200 can be reliably found and identified, is one of the ICR 850's most important features.

With a reading frequency of 15kHz, line CCD image capture with a resolution of more than 2000 pixels, integrated laser illumination, and SMART decoding, the device, from SICK , offers numerous other practical advantages.

While conventional matrix CCD readers require precise positioning of the barcodes, a trigger signal on the code, or external illumination, the ICR 850 requires none of these.

Not only can it start the reading process autonomously, but it also has a considerably larger reading field - thanks to the linear CCD image capture element - in which it finds the target object's label.

With a reading field width of 80mm, a resolution of 2048 x 4096 pixels allows the detection of even small code cells only 0.17mm large. As a result, even 2D codes of only a few mm² can be reliably detected - regardless of their alignment.

The reading distance is 100mm, whereby a depth-of-field range of 7 to 21mm can be achieved, depending on the code's module size.

With a width of 80mm, a depth of 115mm, and a height of 40mm, the ICR 850 is so compact that it can also be installed where mounting space is tight. A choice between optics emanating from the front or from the side offers further alternatives when aligning the 2D reader.

In data terms, the device also offers a range of options, including RS232, RS422/485, CAN-Scanner network, CANopen and Ethernet interfaces.

Production lines in the electronics industry, document designation and identification, letter sorting and package distribution plants, or labelling in the pharmaceutical industry are typical applications for two-dimensional codes.

Their great advantage is the high density of data, i.e. they need considerably less space than conventional barcodes to display the same amount of information.

With the new ICR 850 these 2D codes can now be identified at higher speeds and their information used for plant control functions and for tracking products.

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