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THE NAV 200 positioning system from Sick Pty Ltd allows the guidance of unmanned transport vehicles without magnetic tracks or reference wires.

Through active scanning of reflectors, in warehouses for example, the system determines its position and alignment and reports them to the vehicle control system.

In this way, it can correct deviations autonomously, keep to the route precisely, and dock accurately to within a few millimetres.

Thanks to its standard interface, the NAV 200 positioning system can be integrated into the control architecture of automated guided vehicles, freely driving stackers and other fully or semi-automatic industrial trucks.

The NAV 200 is used for rapid and precise positioning and guidance of vehicles. Like an optical radar it detects reflectors mounted in the surrounding space at distances of up to 30m and throughout 360°.

In addition, the distance to the reflectors is determined using a light-pulse time-of-flight process. The position and alignment of the vehicle is precisely calculated from the combination of angles and distances.

The process provides an accuracy of <5mm and thus allows routes to be followed exactly, and extremely precise vehicle docking.

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