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Absolute position determination to 1.7km

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article image Distances of 1.7km have been achieved.
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THE POMUX KH53 is a linear length measurement system from SICK |STEGMANN for obtaining absolute position information. In automation technology terms, the direct measurement principle allows actual value control.

A reading head determines the actual position, e.g. of a crane, without contact with the help of magnetic markers mounted along the measurement path.

These consist of aluminium profiles with integrated permanent magnets whose distances to one another represent a fixed positional coding and are identified by the magneto-resistive sensors of the reading head.

As a result of this absolute position detection, no reference traverse is necessary on starting the plant.

The method of function of the POMUX KH53 is extremely reliable even in poor environmental conditions, e.g. dirt or dampness. The operating temperature range is between -20°C and +60°C. System resolution is 100µm and reproducibility 300µm, regardless of the measurement path.

Thus linear length measurement systems are particularly suitable for position determination in the X-, Y- and Z-directions on large gantry cranes with long measurement distances, e.g. in ports and container terminals.

Distances of 1.7km have already been achieved.

Since the takeover of Max Stegmann GmbH, SICK|STEGMANN has been able to offer a comprehensive range of different systems for solving industrial positioning tasks with incremental and absolute shaft encoders, laser distance measurement systems, and linear length measurement systems from a single source.

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