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AGVs abandon the guide cable

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The NAV 200 two-dimensional position-finding system installed on AGV manufacturer Egemin’s guided vehicles, detects reflectors at distances of up to 30m and through 360°.

The use of NAV 200 2-D position-finding systems, and route safeguarding by PLS, allows the vehicles to move freely between the production and packing lines the Vennootschap Mechelse Veilingen fruit and vegetable packing and distribution centre in Germany.

The position and alignment of the vehicle is determined by comparing the measured relative angular position and the distance with the reflective foil with expected values. This accurate process enables vehicles to stay on course, and ensures docking processes are performed with great precision.

At the uppermost point of the AGV is the laser position-finding system, which by means of the reflective markers in the hall, continuously determines the actual position of the transporter and updates the AGV navigation system. The laser solution offers a high level of flexibility in changes to the routes travelled and the layout of the hall. The seven production lines are on wheels to provide optimum use of the space available.

New lines will be added in the future and the active area of the AGVs will be expanded to the coldroom. Mechanical, inductive or camera-supported guidance systems could not cope with such changes in the AGV environment.

Collision-free AGV traffic prevents pressure points. PLS laser scanners fitted to the front of the AGVs take up less space than mechanical bumpers and are also said to be considerably more flexible thanks to programmable protection and warning fields. This ensures safe transport throughout the hall.

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