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3D vision cameras supplied by Sick greatly improve efficiency and productivity for French oyster producers

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article image 3D vision cameras scan and classify 70,000 oysters per hour
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Sick , along with partner BIRA have developed new 3D vision systems to assist Céline Maisons, an oyster producer based in Cancale, France in packaging and shipping goods quickly and efficiently.

Before packing, oyster weights and sizes need to be checked, and they need to be separated into six weight classes in order to conform to French law.

Conventional systems in place were able to measure 6,000 oysters per hour. Céline Maisons was looking for a faster solution, and Sick was able to provide one, developed in partnership with BIRA.

Based on SICK 3D Ranger technology, the 3D vision cameras now in use create complete 3D profiles of each object, allowing for fast, correct classification.

Using a laser, a 3D image of each oyster is created at a speed of 1 m/s. This brings the classification speed to 70,000 pieces per hour, which when compared to the conventional measurement of 6,000 oysters per hour represents an enormous leap in output, and a significant increase in productivity.

In order to make sure that during packing only oysters of the same weight are filled in the transport boxes, the camera prepares oysters with identical volumes for packing with an accuracy of 0.5 mm³.

To do this, it creates 2,000 3D profiles. Once a transport container is full, an operator checks the weight of one oyster in order to determine the classification.

The correlation between weight and volume is not direct but rather dependent on the time and location at which the oysters were harvested, so this measurement is carried out manually.

The new 3d vision cameras installed by Sick and BIRA have enabled Céline Maisons to classify oysters faster and more exactly than ever before, greatly increasing the company’s efficiency and ensuring they conform to French law with regard to weight classes.

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