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Torque Type 4700A - measurement of torque, speed and mechanical power

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The Kistler Evaluation Instrument CoMo Torque Type 4700A, available in Australia and New Zealand through SI Instruments , is ideal for industrial use and for research and development applications.

Torque sensors with strain gauge technology and standardised voltage output or frequency output can be connected directly. Display with indication of exact measured data for torque, speed, angle of rotation, force and mechanical power.

The CoMo Torque Type 4700A is suitable to be used with Electric motors, gear-boxes, fans, combustion engines, compressors, easy movement at lubrication pumps and cooler pumps, crankshaft drives and camshafts.

The simple parameterisation allows the Kistler Como to be used in production when evaluating torque/revolution measurements or torque/ angle of rotation measurements. The intuitive menu of the Type 4700A allows the instrument to be quickly adapted to new torque measurements and inspection tasks.

Settings can be made easily for all functions, such as taring, saving peak torque values, average determination, setting limits, measurement duration, pre- and post triggers, calibration, scope of display, units, and the interface. Up to 20 parameter records can be stored internally in the non-volatile flash memory.

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