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TMS-Pro texture system for texture analysis available from SI Instruments

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Texture analysis using the TMS-Pro System, available from SI Instruments , provides precise, objective and repeatable measurements of the texture of food products. Maintaining consistent quality and minimising waste is critical. Throughout the supply chain, processors, distributors and retailers give importance to the cost-effective quality control procedures.

Textural parameters such as firmness, stickiness, and hardness are established numerically and graphically for easy communication and comparison to product specifications. These characteristics are determined by measuring the resistive and reactive forces of product samples during the application of controlled stresses such as compression, shearing, extrusion, puncture, bending or other deformations according to the textural properties of interest.

The TMS-Pro is a fully programmable, computer operated test system for use in the laboratory or factory. This rugged and portable system provides high specification analysis with a user-friendly operator interface. The TMS-Pro texture system has the following benefits:

  • Capable of accepting a range of fixtures for testing several products
  • Built to withstand challenging production environments
  • Measures from tenths of a gram to 250 kilograms

The Texture Lab Pro software is intuitive and is easily operated by production, laboratory and R&D personnel. The TMS-Pro texture system is suitable for a food testing application requiring precise force, position and speed control.

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