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Slippery Packaging Problems solved by Mecmesin COF Testers available from SI Instruments

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Mecmesin’s COF testers or Coefficient of Friction testers are distributed in Australia through SI Instruments .  

Designed for the packaging industry, COF testers are helping packaging manufacturers and their customers improve production methods and reduce wastage by assessing the slip properties of their plastic film, paper and packaging products.  

An element of friction is involved when two surfaces move across one another. The material type is a key factor in determining how smoothly they move together; while some materials adhere to surfaces, others slide apart too easily.  

For example, packaging on a production line must move efficiently from one process to the next. If the packaging has undergone a coating process, it may perform differently since its frictional value may have changed.  

This friction may create problems on the production line and cause unnecessary delays or even damage to materials and equipment.  

Coefficient of friction tests enable manufacturers to measure how slippery or adhesive their materials are so that they can then determine the best running speeds for processing machinery.  

The findings of COF tests will help ensure optimum production, whilst minimising the risk of damage to materials and equipment.  

The Coefficient of Friction testing system from Mecmesin consists of a horizontal test table, a sled type weight and relevant attachments to perform each test.  

COF testers can be employed to measure the peak force required to initiate movement of the sample (known as static friction) and the average force required to maintain movement (known as kinetic or dynamic friction).  

COF testers can additionally perform tensile tests on packaging materials to measure stretch resistance and durability.  

This offers packaging professionals a highly cost-effective, dual-purpose testing system, which is ideal for the production environment.

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